How to be productive during lockdown?

“Focus on being productive, instead of busy," said Tim Ferry, productivity expert. Having too many things on your schedule will make you feel overwhelmed, and kill your productivity.

Productivity isn’t just about getting more things done. But it will also help you work faster, so you will have more time to have fun.

1. Build a self-care morning routine

In the digital age, we took the habits of waking up and grabbing our phone. It’s so easy and natural that we don’t even realise the effects on our brain.

Instead of letting your brain, body and eyes wake up from ten hours of sleep, we brutally turn everything on and absorb ourselves into the latest news, message, video.

Would it be so wrong to start our days thinking about ourselves?

In every “powerful daily habits successful people do” written on the internet, they all talk about the importance of having a morning routine. Whether it’s eating, dancing, running, reading, they all start their day by taking care of themselves.

Having a routine has shown to increase productivity, simply because your mind and body are doing repetitive and regular actions at the same time everyday. That way, when it’s time for you to actually work, your brain is fully ready to power through and work effectively.

2. Take breaks

It may sound counter intuitive, but taking breaks is highly beneficial for productivity. Studies have shown that our brains can only focus for a maximum of 25 minutes.

The pomodoro technique: it was designed by productivity experts to achieve the balance between quality and quantity by focusing for 25 minutes at a time.

3. Categorise your to-do list

Writing down a list of things to do is great to remember them, but can feel overwhelming. When you to-do list become a source of anxiety, something is wrong in your system.

A quick tip to approach it with peace of mind is by creating categories: importance, relevance, deadline, you can do it however works for you. For instance, if you are juggling multiple projects, you can have a to-do for each:

  • charity project

  • Partnership project

  • Marketing project

  • Admin take

This will save you time when you start diving into one project. Instead of scrolling through your to-do list (and potentially missing a key bullet point), you just need to open the to-do of a specific project and start working on it.

4. Build a schedule based on your weekly priorities

In a perfect world, you all have enough time to complete all your projects every week. This is rarely the case. Last minute talks always fall down on you.

Therefore, knowing your priorities for the week is essential and it will save the trouble of asking you “what you need to do” and jump right on with your tasks.

5. Be smart with your food choices

Productivity is about body and mental health. If you don’t fuel your body properly, you will never be able to get the proper energy to concentrate and deliver quality work. Stay hydrated, take breaks to move our body and eat healthy nutritious food.

The brain is a muscle: the more you train it the strongest it gets, the better your productivity will get. Sleep well, eat healthy, time yourself and with time you will get more things done faster.