5 Technology-Free ActivitiesTo Lift Your Mood

If you feel like the memes of TikTok have taken too much space in your life, it may be a good time to find alternative ways to distract yourself without our phone.

Countless studies have shown that social media, as fun as it can be, can also have a negative impact on your mental health. Endless scrolling of images leads to comparison to others and lower self-esteem: 9 out of 10 young women say they feel unhappy about the way they look according to the Royal Society of Public Health.

For most of us, social media has become a way to connect with other people. However it shouldn’t have such a negative impact on ourselves. To bring you back to yourself, we would like to share with you some examples of self-care technology-free activities:

Schedule some “Me-Time”

Whether it’s a bubble bath or a good book with your favourite tea, taking some time to take care of yourself (mind-body-spirit) will help you find satisfaction within yourself. If being under lockdown taught us one thing is that a crazy busy lifestyle may be exhilarating but not sustainable. And having these self-care moments is a great way to reconnect with ourselves and let go of negative energies.


As much as some “Me Time” is beneficial for our overall well-being, seeing people is also a great boost for the mood. Talking about life, cracking jokes, dancing all night long, feeling connected to people brings us joy. Schedule something with your friends and leave your phone in your bag!

Spend time in nature

Many studies have shown that spending time in nature is very beneficial to your mental health. Nature has a calming effect on us and contributes to our physical wellbeing and reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Move your body

Yes exercising can be fun. Yes it can bring you joy. Yes it will lift your mood. Whether you are a fan of exercising or not, your body will produce happiness hormones as soon as you start moving your body. For those who are allergic to jogging or collective sports, try something fun: becoming a badass huntress taking an archery class or schedule a dance class with your friends!

Grow your mind

The Internet offers plenty of free classes to learn and educate yourself. But there’s something beautiful in figuring out something without the help of Google. Whether it’s a complex book or craft, those Eureka moments are always so rewarding! Learning new skills or information does not stop with school, and as an adult, you have the luxury to learn what actually interests you.

Unless you are willing to commit to a technology-free life, it’s safe to say that we cannot live without it. However, it shouldn’t dictate everything in your life: work, social, leisure, even sports if you’re into Youtube workout. It’s so easy to become dependent on technology these days, that when we don’t have it, life feels boring?

Having technology-free activities in your life that brings you joy is a great reminder that you can feel good about yourself without anything (or anyone) else.