Feya Cares is a programme designed to equip millennials and Gen Z women with key entrepreneurial and employability skills. 


It is a stepping-stone for women who are looking to open their businesses or growth opportunities in a supportive community of female entrepreneurs and businesses by providing entrepreneurial training, mentorship, or work experience. 

We invite women entrepreneurs and businesses to come forward and participate in our mission to reduce gender inequality in the professional sphere.



From the pay gap, employability to professional self-confidence, the gap between men and women is the root cause of many social inequalities. 


Despite the gender gap improvement of the past 50 years, women still struggle to have access to similar work opportunities like men do.


Feya Cares aims to tackle those issues by raising awareness, building a supportive community and empower women professionally and personally. 

Founded by Chef Zahra Khan, Feya has been advocating for women empowerment and is launching Feya Cares to bridge the gender gap between women and men and offer women work experience, transferable skills, and a professional network of women entrepreneurs. 


Zahra Khan is a chef, entrepreneur, mother, business leaders. Women empowerment has always been the forefront of her goals.


Therefore, it is no surprise that Feya Cares comes with a mission to build a community of women and to empower one another.


Interested in participating?  Want to join a growing network of incredible women?