Feya Cares aims to tackle the issues faced by women within the professional space, such as racial and gender inequality.


Through building a supportive community that empowers women within both their personal and professional lives; the social initiative works to provide training, mentorship and work experience for women in business.

From the sale of each product from Feya's Retail Line,

10% of their profits will be donated to their Feya Cares initiative to charities that seek to fight gender gap and equip millenial and Gen-Z women with skills to foster entrepreneurism and bolster employability.



From the pay gap, employability to professional self-confidence, the gap between men and women is the root cause of many social inequalities. 


Despite the gender gap improvement of the past 50 years, women still struggle to have access to similar work opportunities like men do.

Chef Zahra Khan launched Feya Cares in June 2020. Empowerment has always been the backbone of Zahra's work. She has always wanted to use her brand and platform to raise awareness and create a positive impact in society. In 2020, she turned this vision into reality as she launched her social initiative Feya Cares. Inspired by Zahra’s journey into business through redefining stereotypical perceptions; she wants to encourage young women to follow their dreams and promote gender equality.